Investing in Communities for the future

At Capital Properties, we are dedicated to transforming our investments into communities of high-quality, reasonably-priced homes. We are devoted to creating sustainable growth and financial stability for our investors, while also providing living spaces that people can be proud to call home.

Our values go beyond investment

Strategic Partnerships
We are seeking to form strategic partnerships with investors to add value to our business beyond financial resources and create mutually beneficial relationships that can increase efficiency, access to new markets, shared resources, and expertise.
Long Term Growth
Our long-term investment strategy is to focus on well-established and reliable real estate investments that generate positive returns, while diversifying our portfolio and minimizing risks, in order to achieve sustainable growth and meet our financial goals.
AI-enabled Efficiencies
RealDeals.AI (RDAI) has enabled us to identify attractive, high-quality assets, improve tenant communication and experience, increase productivity, streamline administrative processes, and reduce costs, all in order to meet our investment objectives.

Investment Opportinites

We take a comprehensive approach to evaluating potential investments, weighing our key considerations such as job, popultaion and rent growth, historic occupancy, property appreciation and general market conditions to better align with our investment strategy.

Investment Criteria

  • $150K – $25M investment
  • 2+ unit multifamily apartments and townhomes.
  • Centralized US & midwest.
  • B & C, working-class neighborhoods.
  • Long-term population, rent, & job growth.
  • Screened, existing, long-term tenants.

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A trusted partner that invests alongside you.

Capital Properties offer a wide range of services to help navigate the often complex and daunting process of building your real estate investment portfolio. From market research and analysis to acquisition and financing, we are dedicated to finding the right investment opportunities that consistently meet our investment goals. Leveraging advanced AI, our team of experienced professionals will shepherd you through every step of the process. We provide tailored asset selection, financing assistance, due diligence, and portfolio management to help us achieve our goals together. We will also help you assess potential risks, create an investment strategy, and manage the financial and legal aspects of each transaction. Our commitment to you goes beyond simply providing services; we are a collaborative partner investing alongside you. This commitment involves us taking on the same risks and sharing in on the rewards, so we both have an equitable stake in the outcome and our joint successes.

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