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A Balance Between Capital, Company & Community

A vision to make a difference, one door at a time.

We have a vision to create long-term symbiotic relationships between capital, company and community. To achieve this vision we will utilize technology and leveraging data to make more informed investment decisions, streamline our property management systems, and improve the overall living experience in the communities we serve. The result will drive down waste and improve our work environment, help lower living expenses and improve communications for tenants in our apartment communities, while also increasing profits for investors.

Values that go beyond investment.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with like-minded investors have added value to our business beyond just financial resources. Our mutually beneficial collaborations go beyond the traditional scope of financial investments and have provided increased efficiency, access to new markets, shared resources, added capital, and expertise. We believe that these partnerships have led to greater success and synergistic growth.

Long-Term Growth

Our long-term investment strategy is in well-established and reliable real estate that has a history of producing positive returns over time. We are confident that these time-tested strategies will continue to provide us with a steady stream of profitability and will help us to achieve sustainable growth. By focusing on these types of investments, we can ensure that our portfolio is well-diversified while minimizing exposure to unnecessary risks. 

Tech-enabled efficiencies

Our proprietary technology allows us to identify attractive, high-quality assets that meet our investment objectives, while also allowing us to reduce the costs of living for the occupants of our apartment complexes, improve tenant and management communication, increase productivity, and streamline administrative processes. These tech-enabled efficiencies allow us to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Meet Our Founder


My experience in the tech industry over the past two decades has led me to 7 profitable exists. When I embarked on my real estate investment journey, my mission was to leverage the same technologies and principles that brought me repeated success with previous ventures and focus on adding value to the real estate industry. From that vision, Capital Properties Trust was born.

Jeremy Lessaris – Founder & Managing Director of Capital Properties Trust, LLC.

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